A New Year in Paradise

As we settle in to 2013, shake off our Christmas hangovers and plan for the year ahead, the world is buzzing with expectation. Here in Paradise we couldn’t be more excited about what the New Year has to offer: new girls, new experiences and a chance to make it the best we’ve ever had.

Resolutions have been made and some already broken; we take a look at the top things people want to do differently this year and what’s in store for those who come to Girls from Paradise to escape the January blues.

Be more adventurous
Tired of finding excuses not to take that trip or the leap of faith needed to make your dreams come true? Well, it’s time to forget your inhibitions and follow your heart. Wherever it leads you an irresistible international companion with a lust for adventure is essential to the plan. In Paradise we know a fair bit about making dreams into reality, and we’re always happy to hold your hand if the road ahead seems daunting.

Learn something new
Learning is so much easier with a good teacher. Whether you’re looking for a good dose of discipline or there’s a language you feel the need to brush up on, it’s always best to have an expert at hand. Have you tried French lately? Or maybe Russian’s more your thing?

Lose a few pounds
We all want to feel good about ourselves. Let’s face it, getting into shape after mountains of festive food is a high priority that always seems to get lower when it comes around to spending hours sweating it out alone in the gym. There are better ways to get fit! No-one knows better the secrets of a perfect work out than the girls from paradise… why not get them to give you a bit of personal training that will really get you ready to take on the world.

Enjoy life more
Why does hedonism get a bad name? We think it’s because people who don’t know how to enjoy themselves don’t want anyone else to have any fun either. Well this is where they can get off… for you: Next stop Paradise! Life is here to be lived and we know how to do it properly. There’s plenty of decadent fun to be had where we come from, and it won’t stop for any man.

Spend time in better company
This one’s a no-brainer: When it comes to good company, this is the best place to find it. Whatever you’ve resolved to do this year we’re here to help you do it in style. Let’s make this a year to truly remember.