Keeping Your T Levels High Naturally

We really got into the nitty gritty of the mutifaceted, multifunctional little steroid of testosterone in our last post. If you don’t appreciate the power testosterone has to modulate and amplify your mood, muscles and libido then we don’t know what else to say that’ll convince you. Maybe this will:

The GFP research team (that’s me) agrees with almost everything the good Dr. says in the above video. Except, he’s obviously trying to push his testosterone replacement therapy service. While this is definitely an option for those with abnormally low T, we’ve found boundless other options to naturally increase this wonder chemical that are safer and more effective.

Starting to sound like an infomercial here, but we’re not pushing any product or service, just sharing what we’ve learned in the hopes that our most important asset – you, our fabulous GFP clients – can recapture some of the vim and vigor and lead a healthier, more vigorous, and more libidinous life.

Make these five things a part of your lifestyle and we guarantee your T levels will surge.

1. Throw Around Some Steel

LiftingPeople had and increased their T long before the glut of gels, patches and creams currently flooding the market. One of the best, most efficient ways to kickstart your body into pumping up the T is by pumping yourself up.

Muscles for T

More muscle mass = More T = More Muscles = more T….

Once thought to be something just for roided out muscle heads, scientists are finding new benefits to strength training every day. Not the least of which is increased T levels. This study found that not only did resistance training increase sex steroid levels, but they also found that testosterone can be produced by muscle tissue (previously it was believed that only the testicles and adrenal cortex synthesized T in the body). Think about that for a minute… Not only does the act of going to the gym and lifting weights trigger a surge in testosterone, it also increases your the amount of muscle in your body which itself will produce more T even when you’re not at the gym. That’d be like a car that when you drove it fast it somehow synthesized more petrol and made its own engine stronger. Cars can’t do that, the human body can. Think about that the next time you’re thinking of skipping the gym.

Compound, muti-joint lifts – like squats or deadlifts – have been found to be the most effective. But if you haven’t seen the inside of gym since grammar school, we recommend starting slow. Even resistance band training has been shown to have a positive effect on testosterone levels.

Reduce Your Stress Levels


For every benefit of weightlifting that scientists find, they also find another negative of stress. There is a solid evolutionary reason for stress: when you see a saber toothed tiger it behooves you to get a sudden spike in adrenaline and cortisol and experience increased heart rate, tension and respiration.

The problem is that our brains haven’t completely figured out how to differentiate the myriad of less life threatening stresses in modern life. Early humans ran into a saber tooth maybe once or twice a year; we’re bombarded with stressors on a daily basis. Being in a low level state of ‘fight or flight’ stress wreaks havoc on our physiology and has been shown time and again to correlate with decreased testosterone. So, next time someone steps in front of you in a queue, instead of internally seething and letting your inner caveman go into full on tiger wrestling mode, take a deep breath, let it slide and think about all the healthy testosterone you’re making, and what you can do with it later.

 Cherish Your Sleep

We’ve all heard over and over again: doctors recommend getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. But who has time for that? It seem like a lot but getting less than this on a regular basis has been shown to decrease testosterone levels by at least 10%. Yikes.

Changing sleep habits is difficult, but doable. There is a whole industry around researching good ‘sleep-hygiene’, or the practices and techniques one can take during the day to ensure a good night’s sleep – here’s a good starting guide – Harvard Sleep School tips.

Pour Fewer Pints

Testosterone Killers

Testosterone Killers

This one was really hard to stomach personally but there’s no denying the abundant science showing that the manliest of drinks, beer, just isn’t good for the manliest of hormones. Curse you science!

Couple shockers about the hoppy brew to keep in mind next time your sitting down for a pint:

  • Hops – the little flowers used to make all beer – contain a chemical called phytoestrogen which is such a potent estrogen catalyst that it’s used to treat hot flashes in menopausal women.
  • Alcohol consumption reduces the benefits of weight lifting so in addition to flooding your system with an estrogen analogue, it’s cutting into the testosterone increases you might get from lifting.

Project Manliness Externally and Reap The Internal Rewards

 From baboons to the boardroom, alpha males tend to comport themselves differently. Whether it’s puffing up their chest and standing on hind legs, or casually surveying the meeting with hands  clasped behind the head; adopting a ‘power pose’ leads to real physiological changes.

Researchers at Columbia university had subjects hold these power poses for just two minutes and found an astonishing 20% increase in T levels!

Bottom line: posturing like a badass can actually make you a badass.

Having Sex is Great for The Sex Hormone!



Remember Rocky Balboa’s trainer Mick? He was a tough ol’ goat, but his proclamation to the Italian Stallion that sex before a fight kills the legs couldn’t have been more wrong. Sex is a good thing (duh!) but it’s also fantastic for increasing testosterone.


The GFP guide to Testosterone

If you’re the kind of gentleman who seeks out the calibre of companionship at Girls From Paradise then chances are you pay attention to details and can appreciate the finer things in life. One thing that can really affect our drive to seek out and enjoy the kinds of experiences only few ever dream of is a relatively simple chemical that’s been generating big headlines lately: testosterone.


Aspiring cyclists crave it, big supplement manufacturers want to make you think they can increase it, and every giant pharmaceutical company in the land is busy at work trying to package it into an easy to digest little pill. But what is the ‘big-T’ and why has it become the heath industry’s latest fountain of youth?

Forget the MayoClinic and WebMD, Girls From Paradise has all the answers to your burning testo-related questions and we’ll tell you everything your need to know about testosterone and how to make it work for you.

What Is Testosterone Anyway? 

Not to overstate it, but testosterone could accurately be described as the fuel of manliness.
It’s derived from cholesterol and is produced men starting at just seven weeks old – that’s seven weeks after conception so really negative 28 weeks old. It’s responsible for everything from Phallic enlargement in puberty, growth of body hair, growth of adams apple and pretty much everything that makes being a teenager so much fun.

Once we’re adults, testosterone continues to be a huge driver of our physicality and mental state. T levels directly correlate to sex drive and competitiveness in men. Here are just a few of things scientists have learned recently about how this little steroid affects us:

  • T is important for almost every kind of animal – from reptiles to rodents to birds and humans.
  • Women experience a spike in testosterone levels immediately following orgasm (kind of makes one want to go get a PhD if you can run these kinds of experiments).
  • Women with high Estrogen are inherently attracted to men with high T. How can you spot a woman with high E? Generally she’ll have the prototypical slim waist, voluptuous hips and bus silhouette like Christina Hendricks (Joan from Mad Men) and it has be proven multiple times that this type of woman can’t get enough of men who display the characteristics of having high T levels.

    Layla, with her perfect high E hips, loves a high T gent.

    Layla, with her perfect high E hips, loves a high T gent.

  • The phenomenon of ‘home field advantage’ is due to testosterone: this study found that T levels in football players was significantly higher before home games than before away games.
  • Don’t skimp on kissing: The Journal of Evolutionary Psychology found that during the act of open mouth kissing a man’s salivary testosterone is actually absorbed through the woman’s mucus membranes and increases her arousal.


    Testosterone Intake Port

  • Key brain functions such as spatial awareness, memory and attention are all affected by T levels, and low levels may lead to increased risk of Alzheimers.
  • Men in long term relationships have lower testosterone. Unfortunately falling in love decreases a man’s T levels while at the same time increasing a woman’s. Fatherhood also decreases levels.
  • Chopping wood for 1 hour can increase testosterone levels by 50%.

Finally, if you really want to get a feel for just how massive an impact this hormone has on everything from your personality, to your libido to your body shape have a listen to this episode of the This American Life podcast

To hear from real people who have either had their T levels drastically reduced or increased for medical reasons, and how it affected everything.

Testosterone Is Important, I get it. So What Can I do About it?

Glad you asked. Here’s the thing about T: your body produces it at varying levels throughout your life. As we mentioned earlier, it starts as early as seven weeks after conception. Levels really jump, interestingly, in babies 4-6 weeks old. Apparently this is a crucial period in brain development and the increased testoterone production is what creates all the connections that make a ‘male’ brain.

After infancy, T wields its mighty influence again at puberty then continues to rise each year until we’re 18 years old. At 19, testosterone levels are pretty constant in men for the next 10 years until we hit 30, then the inevitable happens and levels start to decrease at 1% per year.

That’s right: as early as thirty we start producing less and less of the ever powerful life juice. But don’t despair dear reader! One of the hottest areas of research is how to naturally – through lifestyle changes that are good for you anyways – increase testosterone levels. Exploring the myriad ways to get back on the T express train and reap all the benefits will be the focus of our next post.


Men Love Red Too

Women Wearing The Color Red Appear to Be More Attractive

In researching the last post on how women find men in red more attractive and sexually powerful, I couldn’t help but come across a few articles that showed that the same phenomenon applies to men’s perception of women.  Yes ladies, you too can tip your beaus subconscious attraction towards you by applying a bit of rouge to your out fit.

The hypothesis can plainly be seen to be true by examining the following picture:


Lovely in red

Lovely in red

Do you find the woman depicted above attractive? This is our very own Shan – one of the most popular and sought after Latin escorts at GFP, and maybe in London. I think that most would agree that she is an attractive woman, but did you know that if her unmentionables in the picture were black, or blue, or white, you wouldn’t think she was pretty at all? See for yourself:

Shan004P8The very same woman, only wearing white instead of red. Clearly all sexiness has evaporated from her image (just kidding, you still look fabulous Shan, but just pretend for the purposes of the argument).  For further proof see below:



Hmm, Shan may not have been the best example to use: she would probably look stunning in any color. However, there is actual research that demonstrates the color red, as it does for women, can sway a man’s feelings of attraction.

The man at the forefront of this research is our old friend Dr. Andrew Eliot from the University of Rochester.  Initial studies, conducted in 2008, showed that there was a measurable effect on perceived attraction due to the color red. The protocol in the experiments was very similar to that conducted in the reciprocal study on women’s perception of men: male participants were shown two pictures of a woman that were identical save for the color of shirt she was wearing:

Not surprisingly, the 100 men asked to rate the attractiveness of the women in the two pictures tended to rate the woman in red as more desirable.

Two years later Eliot conducted more experiments on the way men behave when faced with red ladies.  In this 2010 study, participants were given a folder containing pictures of a ‘moderately attractive woman’ wearing either a red or green shirt and asked to look at the pictures for 5 seconds, then were given 24 notecards with questions of varying intimacy and asked to pick 5 questions they’d ask the lady in the picture they’d just seen.

The questions ranged from not at all intimate, “Where are you from?”, to extremely intimate, “do you do it on the first date?”. Again, the men who answered questions after viewing the red clad women were statistically much more likely to ask more intimate questions.  They also did another experiment with pretty much the same set up that showed men chose to sit closer to a women they’d seen a picture of wearing red than that of one wearing blue.

So, in 2010, we know that men rate women in red more attractive, and that they behave in a more intimate way towards crimson lasses. Heretofore unexamined though is why; what is it about a lady in red that makes men rate her higher than if she wore any other color.

To answer this Eliot and his colleagues conducted a third round of experiments in 2012. This time they had three sets of dudes. The first were run through the same old red shirt/white shirt rate attractiveness protocol (they found red more attractive, duh), the second did this with red and green shirts (same results again), but the third group, and this is when it get’s really interesting, where only shown pictures of women in a white shirt. The variable in this group was that the men were first asked to read one of two scenarios before viewing and rating attractiveness. In scenario 1, the woman in question was acting very promiscuous and sexually perceptive at a bar, in the second scenario, she was at the bar but acting like a prude ol’ ditty not interested at all in sexy time.

Who, of the two identically chromatic ladies, do you think the men were more interested in? Bingo, the men who had read that the woman they were about to view was receptive to intimacy found her much more physically attractive than an identical woman who they’d just read was acting the real bitch.  The illuminating bit is how much more desirable they found the perceptive woman compared to how much more the men in the color groups found the lady in red. Yes, there is a measurable increase in perceived attraction when comparing red/non red, but it pales, vastly, to the effect of knowing beforehand that a woman is acting promiscuous.

The conclusion the researchers drew is this:

“Red leads to attractiveness precisely because it first leads to perceived sexual receptivity. It is receptivity that is ‘driving the bus’ for the red-attraction relation.”

So, men find women in red more attractive because they associate red with sexual receptiveness. If they already know a woman is receptive, the color she wears bears little effect.

Here are just a few more examples of the lovely GFP girls adorned in crimson glory:







What do you think? Does the color of her clothes affect your perception of her attractiveness? Or is it all about context? Let us know in the comments.

Red is The Sexiest Color – Science Proves It

Say you’ve got a big date. It’s the girl from the bus stop that you always stalked and photographed with a telescopic lens from miles away hoping to get a glimpse of her cleavage.  Not her exactly, she caught you peeping, but after years of therapy you’re better attuned to expressing attraction and maneuvering less gauchely in social and have actually asked a girl out for a beer, and she actually said yes!! It’s the big night, you’ve trimmed your nosehair, doused yourself in AXE body spray, realized you smelled too much like teen spirit, re-showered and shaved. Now it’s just a matter of finding the perfect outfit and you’re ready to knock her socks off!!

Colour Enhances Perception

What to wear, what to wear. While I’m no clothing horse, a couple of studies in 2010 might provide a smidgen of insight to give you that edge and appear that much better to la femme de non-restraining order.  The color to don: red.  According to a 2010 study at Rochester University  the same bloke dressed in a crimson hue (or just bordered by it) will appear more attractive to the opposite sex than if he was wearing a different color.

Women Can't resist a Man in Red

Women Can’t resist a Man in Red

Andrew Elliot and his pals at Rochester conducted a number of experiments to arrive at this rosy conclusion.  In one such experiment the researchers showed 288 female undergrads two pictures of the same guy. The only difference was that they digitally altered the color of the shirt: blue in one, red in the other:

They corrected for intensity, hue saturation and other factors to try to ensure that color was the only difference. Then asked the subjects which they’d rather date, kiss, or engage in other sexual activities with.  Little Red Riding Stud far outpaced little boy blue when it came to perceptions of status and they overwhelmingly found the red dudes to seem more powerful, attractive and sexually desirable.

Just Hold An Apple Next to Your Head

A further study found that just being bordered in red was enough to trigger the extra attraction in women.

Red framing won again in making men appear more powerful and ultimately sexier – though unless you can pull off wearing a red cape, or want to carry a red picture frame around your head for your date, simply wearing a red shirt might be the way to go.

Redder is definitely betterer. Even betterer: women don’t perceive that this increased attraction is simply the result of the dye in your digs.

But why? Aren’t we more evolved than than this, shouldn’t attraction be based on deeper, connecting bonds instead of some color? Maybe, but science isn’t interested in shoulds, and neither is sexy science.  Something is going on in the female brain when she sees red. The researchers speculate the influence could be cultural, biological, or a combination of the two.

Across cultures, and throughout history, red is traditionally “part of the regalia of the rich and powerful.” Ancient China, Japan and sub-Saharan Africa all used the vibrant tint to convey prosperity and elevated status, and Ancient Rome’s most powerful citizens were literally called “the ones who wear red.” Even today, the authors note, businessmen wear a red tie to indicate confidence, and celebrities and dignitaries are feted by “rolling out the red carpet.”

In non-human primates, such as baboons and mandrils, the alpha males express red intensely on their genitals, and these alpha males tend to mate the most.

I would speculate that it has something to do with the color of blood. Hemoglobin gives blood it’s red hue, and healthy, virile individuals most certainly have an abundance of rich, red blood pumping through their veins.  Seeing someone clothed in red could ‘trick’ the brain into thinking it’s seeing a body that’s flush with blood from physical exertion -and a mate capable of exerting themselves so robustly must be healthy and there’s also a good chance they’ll be able to exert themselves just as expertly in the sack.

Prove You Can Tussle With A Wildebeast

More arm table speculation: men generally did the hunting and didn’t use high-powered rifles with laser scopes. They had to get close to their prey which would probably lead to a more than a little collateral blood splatter. So, you’re single cave girl hankering for some mammoth chops and in walks a fellow tribesman fresh from a successful hunt, covered in red, red blood and ready to serve you some tasty meat. That dudes a keeper and he’s wearing/framed by red.

It’s important to note that red only sways opinions on status and romance. Your date’s feelings about your like-ability or kindness won’t be swayed at all by your patent leather red chaps.

It’s fascinating how many different factors can influence perception and how what we think might be important – “I messed up that joke, that’s why she hasn’t called” – may have nothing to do with what your mate subconsciously think matters, it may just be that some part of her deep, animal mind found your mauve argyle sweater unappealing.