Channel’s Hot Latin Body

If you love big boobs, and I mean BIG BOOBS, then your search is well and truly over!

Just check out the hugest melons on our favourite busty girl Channel. Her ample assets are mind-blowing. She is truly amazing, she has one of the curviest bodies I have ever had the pleasure of seeing.

Her butt is pretty amazing too, I can rest a glass on it and use it as a side table it is so round and out there.


But looks aside what is Channel really like? Well, All I can say is that you will have to judge for yourself, But for me she is totally fun, witty charming, wild and sexy as hell. She knows how to get anyone in the mood and get the party started.

A Note on Curves

Straight is sooo 1990’s, it’s all about curves now.  Actually, curves did exist before the turn of the Millenium.  No one knows for sure when the first line decided to deviate from straightness.  Euclid of Alexandria invented geometry in 300 BC to describe the mathematics of curvedness.

From Euclid’s humble theorems,  to Archimedes spiral, to Descartes and Kepler… all the way to Sir Mix-a-lot; some of greatest minds in history have lent their special intellects towards understanding the nature and behavior of curvy curvitude.

In honor of these great ponderers of curves we present Zhanna, a blond escort who possesses some of the most splendidly elegant curves around.  When Zhanna arches her back and thrusts out her magnificent bosom she seems to invent an entirely new branch of fluid geometry:

Blonde London Escort Zhanna

Zhanna is kind enough to make her curves available for further study.  To get in on the cutting edge of this new arena of inquiry, and perhaps engage in a bit of topological tomfoolery, call Girls From Paradise.