Escort Interview | Corinne

Gentlemen, please give a very warm GFP welcome to our newest, uber-elite escort: Corinne.

What Attracted You to Escorting?

I love fun and endorphins- it makes you happy before, during and after the meeting.

What’s your sexiest attribute, and why?
I have a statuesque silhouette with long shapely legs, soft skin,
sparkling eyes, luscious lips, deliciously inviting breasts and an
intoxicating feminine scent… I have a quiet, sensitive personality,
a good sense of humor and a mysterious temperament, which I know will
seduce you. And I am not sure what is the sexiest one ;)

In a few words please describe what someone should expect on a date
with you:
If you are looking for a companion, a flirtatious young lady who
deeply enjoys the thrill of intimate secret liaisons!
When we are spending time together I will light some candles and
play some nice music to really set the mood. The energy between us
might make you feel younger, excited, and our time will always feel a
little forbidden.

Why did you choose to work with Girls From Paradise?
I always choose whenever I can the finest “things” in my life and I
think GFP is one from the top hight class agency in London so it’s a
pleasure to be represented by them.

What is your favorite part about being an escort?
The feeling before meeting a stranger. The all fun before the meeting
when I will bath my body in sweet smelling soap, cream my skin, climb
into the most delicate lingerie (perhaps I meant to forget the
undies), slide into an elegant cocktail dress that covers just part of
my tights and put on my sexy stilettos…,

What do you think makes you an ‘elite escort’, the things that set you
Personality, emotionally intelligence and I can be demure too

What excites you most about London? And where are some of your
favorite places in the city?
Someone said it’s rudeness, it’s lack of community, it’s impatience
and it’s anonymity- and that’s what I love about London.
The places where I can be pampered- 5 stars hotels, michelin
restaurants, spa’s and the finest shopping centre.

What are a few of your turn ons? Turn offs? And what single thing
could a client do to make there date super special?:
The gentleman well dressed and groomed, spotless clean, charming,
thoughtful and generous. Treating me like a lady with respect. Turn
off- definitely lack of hygiene.
My ideal date is a man with more life experience than me, who
isn’t interested in the complications and stresses of
traditional relationships. But instead wishes to find an
uncomplicated young girl to give you no-strings-attached fun.

What are some of your favourite things? Books, singers, bands, movies,
artists, foods, drinks, etc.:
I am very flexible about food – except I hate curry. Sweet cold drinks
and bitter hot drinks.
So many to tell …

Where’s the wildest place you’ve had sex? And/or, what would be the
wildest place you’d like to?
Let me tell you once I will meet you ;)
In an unexpected place!!

How do you want a client to feel after they’ve spent time with you?
Our appointment will leave you feeling listened to, pampered,
relaxed, refreshed, and with the ability to pull more focus to your
life and your work.
Also it will put huge smile on your face :)

Do you think we’ll ever find intelligent life on other planets? If
so do you think that the alien society will have escorts?

Of course ;)

Escort Kieran Interview

Say hello to the tall, slim model Kieran. A New escort at Girls From Paradise who is nothing short of incredible. She’s also tons of fun to talk to, as we found out in the interview below. Enjoy!

What Attracted You to Escorting? Money and the image of beauty

What’s your sexiest attribute, and why?
My bum and the proportion of my bum and waist

In a few words please describe what someone should expect on a date
with you.
Great time. I’m a very warm and passionate person. Also an interesting
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Escort Word Of the Day | Cynosure

Our last word of the day — which really is more a word of the month — was so popular that we’ve decided to make this a regular feature. The English language is wonderfully nimble and the escorts at Paradise so gorgeous, that there are infinite ways to describe them.

Cynosure has its roots in Greek mythology and literally means dog’s tail (kynós dog + ourá tail). Doesn’t sound so nice, but Cynosura was a nymph on Mount Ida on the isle of Crete who hid Zeus from his vengeful father. In return Zeus placed the little nymph (after a good shag most likely, Zeus was a randy deity) in the heavens at the constellation known today as Ursa Minor, and she became its brightest star, Polaris.

As the most dazzling heavenly body in the night sky, Cynosura has  guided countless navigators throughout history and drawn the eye of any human who’s gazed upwards after sunset. As such, cynosure has come to mean anything that strongly attracts attention by its brilliance. The Girls From Paradise Gallery is chock full of cynosural women; luminescent in their lustrous beauty, they attract appreciative attention wherever they go and are sure to make you feel like a star.

Bask in the Light of Lima

If you’re ever tempted to use a line like “Hey baby, you must be a light switch, cuz every time I see you, you turn me on!” Take a deep breath, reconsider and try “Your beauty can only be described as cynosure, a brilliant light to guide weary travelers.”  That might be a little intense, maybe just “can I buy you a drink” and save the cynosure talk for a couple of minutes.

Chelsea Escort Stephanie | New Pictures

East Euro babe Stephanie is undeniably cute, a cherubic face with classical beauty and youthful sophistication. Plus two of the most penetrating blue eyes you’re likely to see.  We’ve been told she bears more than a little resemblance to Megan Fox and after seeing her new photos it’s hard to disagree.  Stephanie seriously notched up the sexiness in this latest shoot — wearing a full on crotchless latex jumpsuit in a tiny lift… talk about ‘living it up while your going down’

Brunette Call girls

Apparently So

London Escort

Going down?


Her classy side was also on display on a posh London terrace adorned in an immaculate dress:


Stephanie is the kind of woman who really does look splendid in any setting. She’s an amazing lady and a pleasure to spend time with.

Girls From Paradise | Escorts For Everybody

Girls From Paradise has a wide array of simply beautiful escorts to caress your passion and enliven your life.

The escorts gallery has over 100 ladies to choose from.  You can narrow down your search based on price in the following galleries.

  • Premier Girls — rates ranging from £200-£300, the girls in this gallery are usually newer to escorting, catch them here before they become superstars.
  • Elite Girls — £300-£400, stunning models, elite exotic babes and intoxicatingly luxurious minxes.  They’re called elite for good reason.
  • Executive Girls – £400-£1000, the best, most sought after escorts in London.
This video explains it much better.

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