An Interview with Brazilian Escort Alixia

Another stunning import from South America: Alixia Prado has just arrived at Paradise and is one amazing woman.

What Attracted You to Escorting?

New experiences and exciting new adventures ..

What’s your sexiest attribute, and why?
My smile. It shows what you can not see in pictures .. and proves
that I am normally and naturally loving

In a few words please describe what someone should expect on a date
with you.
Great fun .. a time to remember

What is your favorite part about being an escort?
The freedom… There is no routine..

What do you think makes you an ‘elite escort’, the things that set you

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Too nice to be so Naughty…

That’s what you’ll be thinking when you meet Tina. Our pristine new escort from Russia. She is slim, slinky, and so so sexy with an air of class and refinement that belies her naughty desires.


Tina has just arrived in London from her native Russia and is loving every minute of it. Her English isn’t perfect, but she has such a great attitude and ever ready smile you won’t even notice.


With her top class array of sexy lingerie, her elegant and chic wardrobe: coupled with her fantastic sense of style and the natural dignity she carries herself with, it would be easy to think of Tina as just a beautiful young professional woman.


Luckily Tina is just that… and so much more. To use somewhat of an indelicate term: she is a total horndog and loves to get naughty in the bedroom.


It’s a shame that in our society Tina’s sexual appetites have to be described with terms like “naughty” and “raunchy” it almost puts a negative connotation on what she likes to do.  Doesn’t un-inhibited, or adventurous sound better?  After all, there’s nothing wrong with exploring one’s appetites to the fullest. Quite the contrary: it’s great to see a gorgeous woman who is confident in her desires and ready to explore all avenues of pleasure.  Hats off to you Tina:) Your pushing societal paradigms to new levels of openness and showing the world to accept the things we’ve known all along aren’t bad… just fun.

If you want to explore the limits of passion with a free spirited angel then give us a ring and leave your inhibitions at the door… Tina awaits.

Improving Upon Perfection

Ever since Czech babe Sammy joined Girls From Paradise she has been one of our most popular ladies.  A drop dead body with great, tanned legs, a bum that can only be described as callipygian, and luminescent blonde locks… she exemplified the kind of blonde beach bunny that every man hopes to see in a bikini.


Sammy has been enjoying the international scene the last few months, but now she has returned to London amid a hurricane of controversy… That might be putting it a little strongly, but when Sammy called and gave us the great news that she was returning to Earl’s Court, she also said that she was now a brunette.  I must admit that caused a little consternation: Sammy looked so great with blonde hair, why would she want to change it?


Turns out that beauty extends way past her follicles and that I was stupid to ever doubt her. As a brunette Sammy is just as jaw-droppingly sexy and alluring as she was with blonde hair.  Her new photos are spectacular and we are ecstatic that she’s back in London turning heads and making fantasies reality.


Most Clicked on Paradise Escorts January Eleventh

Who is popular this week?  Girls From Paradise is ver proud of our London Escort gallery, a veritable clearing house of the most beautiful women in London. We only hire the best glamour photographers to shoot professional images that capture the appeal of the hundreds of gorgeous escorts at paradise.

To get an un-scientific overview of who is popular on our site it’s fun to sort the gallery page by most clicked on. The results change often but a quick look at the top five can be instructive.  This week is looks like blonde escorts are particularly popular with four of the top five most clicked on escorts possessing golden locks.  Brunettes are taking it lightly though and the number one most clicked on escort at Girls From Paradise is the sultry Venezuelan beauty Naida.

The Top 5 Most Popular Residents of Paradise this week are:


This list will change so check back often! To see even more hi-res images of our lovely escorts subscribe the the Girls From Paradise Tumblr Feed.

Stunning Elite London Escort Heather

Another stunning young woman at Girls From Paradise: Heather is a class apart, her looks, panache and charm make her an absolute treasure.

What Attracted You to Escorting?
The chance to date/meet successful men in my spare time.What is your favorite part about being an escort?  The freedom it gives and the great men i have metWhat’s your sexiest attribute, and why?

My legs because they are long and toned, my eyes as they’re turquoise green.What does being an ‘elite escort’ mean to you?

Being elite gives me the opportunity to meet great people and travel the world.Why did you choose to work with Girls From Paradise?

GFP has a fantastic reputation.What’s your favorite color on a man?

Black.How do you stay in such great shape?

Gym/ healthy eating.What excites you most about London? Continue reading