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F*** me I'm Famous

F*** me I’m Famous

About Kelly Stevens – Girls from Paradise

I am currently based in London and originally from New York, I adore London and all the city has to offer, I have also been travelling across various International cities! I love Europe and am a big fan of all the historial cities and beautiful scenery.

I started out my career as a model and I am currently still a student, studying at one of London’s top universities, I have recently turned to writing and digital marketing and I love it, There is nothing more fascinating than to write interesting articles and bring joy to my many friends and followers.

You will find me shopping and going out with all the other girls from paradise london models catching up on all that London has to offer!

I am sharing all my fun filled articles with you here and I would love to hear from you guys with any feedback or comments, what are you waiting for? drop me a line.



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