Harness The Power of Your Habits

Willpower Is a Finite Resource

It’s taken me a long time to accept that – and sometimes I’m still not sure if I even do. It is difficult to fully accept that we our creatures of habit, that no matter how hard we just ‘give it the old college try’ to change things, that ingrained habits can – and usually do – thwart our best efforts.

I read a simple quote recently that really drove the point home – here it is in snazzy picture form:

Nerves that fire together, wire

Modern – heck not even that modern, science has know this stuff for close to a century – science has shown, beyond any shadow of a doubt that we are a product of our neural inputs and outputs. And, that when we combine certain actions repeatedly the nerves responsible for those actions become intertwined to the point that when we perform one action our brain is already prepared to carry out its complement.

This is why we do things we subconsciously know are contrary to our conscious goals: be the health and fitness related or otherwise. Changing habit is hard work: your brain expects one action to follow another. When we circumvent these patterns and deprive our brains of expected input, they get confused and resist the change.

However, changing habits is possible and the results from doing so our powerful. Here is a quick list of 27 simple habits that will change your life:

  1. Drink Enough Water
  2. Eat Your Veggies
  3. Eat Protein For Breakfast
  4. Work On Building A Strong Digestion
  5. Get Your Sleep
  6. Breathe Deeply
  7. Read Your Daily Affirmation With Gratitude
  8. Walk Every Day
  9. Do Some Exercise
  10. Get Some Sunshine
  11. Touch The Earth
  12. Use Cold Water Therapy
  13. Make Sure You Laugh
  14. Read Something
  15. Avoid Obesogens
  16. Kick Your Heels Up And Have A Cheat Meal
  17. Try Or Learn Something New
  18. Spend Some Time Alone Doing Something You Love
  19. Spend Some Time Socializing With Your Friends Or Family
  20. Go Outside And Play
  21. Measure Your Success
  22. Do A Selfless Act For Someone Else
  23. Identify Where You Are Currently At And What Works
  24. Set Or Adjust Your Goals
  25. Create A Plan For The Next Month
  26. Create A New Daily Affirmation That Focuses On Your Plan
  27. Do Something To Take Care Of Yourself

If you’re interested in learning more, there’s an ebook that goes into great depth on all of these and more here¬†http://27habits.com/.