Genetically Modify Yourself to Lose Weight

Boost Your Thin Genes By Turning Off Your Fat Genes

Haven’t we all heard the expression – “You are what you eat” way too many times? While this may be a great way to get us to stay motivated to eat healthy in order to stay lean or lose fat, that isn’t the case most times. Often, we let the tongue become the master of our body by cheating on our “diets”. Well, it’s not easy to change your body to get leaner and fitter without some hard core exercise, but have you ever wondered why it is that some people hog, and still manage to stay slim without even lifting a finger in the name of exercise, while some of us unlucky ones count calories everyday and sweat out at the gym, without getting much in the name of results? Well, it’s in our DNA! Yes, it’s the genes that decide what our body type and shape should be like and while we can’t change our genetic codes, we just might be able to change how they work for our body.

The Science Of DNA


Our DNA is like a blueprint which once coded cannot be changed, however scientists have proven that we can alter the genes in our DNA to turn off the fat genes for the body. It is the job of the epigenes in our DNA to decide which gene get turned on and turned off from our coding system. There are various factors that affect the epigenes in our body – environmental, food, strength etc., and today we are going to discuss how these factors affect the fat genes in our body and learn to turn them off to get a leaner, fitter body.

  1. The environmental effect - Have you ever wondered why diabetes and obesity usually run in the family? It is so because of the environmental effect. Over a period of time one’s DNA records the kind of changes the body goes through, changing the epigenes in the process, which is then passed off in the offspring thus creating a hereditary factor. It is because of this hereditary that most people tend to get obese as they grow older and their natural metabolism becomes slower.
  2. Food choices - As they say “You are what you eat”. Have you wondered why certain food groups are better for your body’s metabolism while others tend to stick to the hips and thighs? It is your choice in the type of food you eat that mainly determines your body shape. The fat genes in the body get off on sugar and oil especially when consumed during a time when the metabolism of the body is extremely slow, like during the night. It is considered healthy to have a bar of chocolate early in the morning when you start your day but not at night when you go off to sleep. This is mainly because the fat genes in the body are stronger at night when the body’s internal capacity to break the nutrients of the food consumed are at an ebb. Research also proves that the human cells have a memory that remembers and replicates the effects caused by a poor diet on the body. This is why you may lose weight faster when you are on a crash diet but tend to gain double the amount the moment you go off the diet.

How To Turn The Fat Gene Off-

You can't change your DNA but you can change how it's expressed through epigenetics.

You can’t change your DNA but you can change how it’s expressed through epigenetics.

After a lot of research and studies, the scientists have recorded the various ways in which you can use certain foods and techniques to turn off the fat gene and lose weight even when you are not actually sweating it out at the gym.

Here’s how to get a leaner, fitter body by simply turning off the fat genes in the body –

In a word – resistance training. While it may be impossible to change the genes of your body, you can learn to change how they work for the body and pumping iron plays a vital role in doing so. According to a study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology, researchers subjected participants  to resistance training for eight weeks. At the end of the experiment it was found that  the expression of two genes present in the fat tissues had decreased by around 20%. Not only this, the participants also had a boost in the fat burning and muscle mass due to a drop in the protein adiponectin, which is mainly responsible for breaking down the fat in the body.

Although it seems unfair that it is exceptionally harder for some people to lose weight while others have a great metabolism and remain lean no matter what they stuff in their faces, it really helps to know how the genes in the body work to help you lose weight by changing the epigene in the DNA. It takes commitment and is a long process but the changes you make to your lifestyle today will create a ripple effect for the generations in future.