Resolution Hacks To Stay on Track in 2015

Explode into 2015 and Keep your Resolve

Happy New Years From GFP

Happy New Years From GFP

Achieve your goals, refresh your balance, renew your faith in yourself… Yep, it’s that time of year again: the New time. The time when most people reflect on what they’ve done over the past 365 revolutions of the earth and set forth to resolve to make the next trip around the sun more meaningful, profitable and better. Do you partake in New Years Resolutions? Chances are you have or do or know someone who does. According to Statistic Brain 45% of Americans usually make them, 17% infrequently do and only 38% absolutely never do.

People do it; resolve to change their lives for the better at the turning of the calendar. We’ve tried it here at GFP before, with limited success. It can be frustrating and ultimately discouraging to fail at your goals, so this year we aren’t going into 2015 willy nilly – with a couple of far fetched dreams that may happen, but probably won’t. No, we’re planning and using tips we’ve learned to try to ensure that we meet and exceed at least some of our goals. Here’s a couple of things we’ve learned in the process that we hope will help you do the same.

1. Keep it Real-istic

It’s commendable to shoot for the stars, but setting un-realistic goals is one of the surest ways to crash and burn.  Take an honest inventory of your current lifestyle and go from there. If you haven’t been to the gym since you were a teenager trying to increase your bench press to 350 pounds in twelve months is likely to result in torn rotator cuffs.

Odry: An Attainable Resolution.

Odry: An Attainable Resolution.

Same with money or dating. If set a resolution to have some lascivious fun with a supermodel or Ms. Ukraine contestant then you might be setting yourself up for… wait, those goals are easily attainable and you are in the exact right place to make it happen. You’re one click away from a bevy of the hottest Eastern Euro Courtesans in London.

Okay, that one was easy-peasy. See, just the act of thinking about your goals can reveal things and paths towards their fruition.

However, the points still stands: setting realistic, honest goals will almost always be a quicker route to success than over-reaching. If you hit the goals early it’s very rewarding and, as far as we know, there aren’t any laws against reassessing and setting new resolutions in June.

  2. Specificity is Key

Vagueness will get you nowhere. If you say “in 2015 I’m going to get in shape, damnit,” what does that really mean? In Shape is a nebulous term and means a different thing to everybody. Setting concrete, quantifiable goals is always better. Instead of “getting fit” try “lose 5 percentage points of body fat in six months” or “run two miles three times a week for two months.”

This will give you something tangible to aim for and also let you know when you’ve hit your goal. And hitting your goal is positively reenforcing.

Instead of the abstract goal of “making it happen with a pretty lady”, if you really think about what you want and set a specific goal of, say, “a date with a blonde woman from Spain who looks absolutely delicious in white stockings and who is so ridiculously sexy that her nether regions seem to emit a positive glow of infinite delight.” Well, you’ll know what you’re looking for and when you’ve found it

3. Share and Be Accountable

Keeping your resolutions to yourself makes them less tangible and puts all the onus for discipline to come from within. Humans are social creatures, we want to please those we respect and keep our word. Additionally, sharing your goals with others will lead to them sharing theirs with you which will lend itself to a feeling of community and the sense that, even though your working towards individual goals, that you’re working with someone.

Tell your friends, co-workers, twitter followers, or whoever exactly what you want to accomplish in 2015.  Come March when your motivation is starting to wane and one of your mates asks how it’s coming with your goals you’ll definitely get a fresh bump in vigor and it’ll refocus your thoughts towards keeping your resolve.

4. Break it Down Into Manageable Bits

Twelve months is a long time. Breaking down your yearlong resolutions into doable monthly and weekly goals will help you stay on track and give positive feedback along the way.

Use the first three tips above for your weekly and monthly goals – be specific, share with others and be realistic – and don’t think too much about the ultimate outcome each week. Chances are you’ll meet and exceed your goals before you know it.

5. Have Fun and Reward Yourself!

Whether you’re determined to shed some pounds in the new year, boost your career, or embark on a quest of sensual awakening with the hottest girls in London (we can help with this one:)), if you took the time to make resolutions you’re seeking change in some aspect of your like. And change is difficult, our bodies and minds seek the status quo – breaking from it requires discipline and sacrifice.

However, the absolute surest way to fail is to view your resolutions as a chore. The change you’re seeking will ultimately be good and if you remember that – and view the process as a fun adventure – you’ll not only meet and surpass your goals but also have a good time doing it.

Best of luck in the new year to all our dear readers, we’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments.

Here’s a quick look at some relevant stats about New Years Resolutions from the US:

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