Mayfair Incalls

The Grand Ol’ W1

Mayfair is one of the finest, poshest and swankiest districts in London. It’s name comes from the fair that was held here every year in the month of May (makes sense). If you’re hoping to attend this years May fair, sorry but it was banned by the powers that be in 1764.

Despite the discontinuation of the eponymous gathering, Mayfair still has a ton to offer: 5 star restaurants, the finest designer clothing stores on the planet, exclusive pubs and ludicrously ritzy hotels. It is a place for the fashionable, the successful and the sexy. For a complete guide check out

If you’re in need of a companion whilst visiting Mayfair – one who fits in perfectly with the natives and exudes all the class, elegance and chic appeal one would expect of a W1 denizen – then, sir, you’ve come to the right place. Girls From Paradise represents a cadre of elite women who entertain incalls in this fabulous neighborhood and who know everything about it and will be more than happy to show you around.

To get started have a gander at our Mayfair Gallery and give us a ring.