Leylana Interview

Super hot British Escort Leylana sat down with us recently for a scintillating interview…

What Attracted You to Escorting?
Meeting different people and traveling.

What’s your sexiest attribute, and why?
I think my eyes, they are slightly raised at the corners and give me a
feline feel. Purrrrrrrr!

In a few words please describe what someone should expect on a date
with you.
Fun, witty and intelligent conversation. I’m never boring or shy!

Why did you choose to work with Girls From Paradise?
I had heard lots of good things about Girls From Paradise and wanted
to be a part of it

What is your favorite part about being an escort?
Meeting different people and getting to know them and making them feel

What do you think makes you an ‘elite escort’, the things that set you
I think the way I conduct myself, my personality and the way I dress.
Louboutins are a must!

What excites you most about London? And where are some of your
favorite places in the city?
London is so vibrant, multicultural and busy thats what I love and its
so varied and has lots of things to do. I love Zuma, Asia de Cuba,
Hyde Park and Oxford Circus.

Have you ever worked with any other girls at Girls From Paradise? If so
who, or who would you like to work with?
No I have not but I get on well with other females. Busty brunettes
are my type.

What are a few of your turn ons? Turn offs? And what single thing
could a client do to make there date super special?
Turn ons are well groomed men in suits, turn offs are arrogant men.
And if they compliment me it would always be a plus!

What are some of your favourite things? Books, singers, bands, movies,
artists, foods, drinks, etc.
I love Martina Cole books and gangster films like The Godfather,
Carlito’s Way, Scarface and Goodfellas. I love sushi and Asian food.

Where’s the wildest place you’ve had sex? And/or, what would be the
wildest place you’d like to?
Outside my front door! Very exciting, I’d love to do it on a beach!

Say you had to wear one article of clothing that was made of food,
what would it be and what food would it be made of?

I would wear a
pineapple bikini, the possibilities are endless with the flesh, skin
and leaves!

How do you want a client to feel after they’ve spent time with you?:
Happy, content and satisfied.

Do you think we’ll ever find intelligent life on other planets? If
so do you think that the alien society will have escorts?

I think we
will and I definitely think their will be some super hot alien escorts
ready for men who wish to wine and dine!