Escort Kieran Interview

Say hello to the tall, slim model Kieran. A New escort at Girls From Paradise who is nothing short of incredible. She’s also tons of fun to talk to, as we found out in the interview below. Enjoy!

What Attracted You to Escorting? Money and the image of beauty

What’s your sexiest attribute, and why?
My bum and the proportion of my bum and waist

In a few words please describe what someone should expect on a date
with you.
Great time. I’m a very warm and passionate person. Also an interesting

Why did you choose to work with Girls From Paradise?
Many girls told me that GFP is the best.

What is your favorite part about being an escort?
Meeting new interesting and well-educated men.

What do you think makes you an ‘elite escort’, the things that set you
My appearance, communication and education level, very possitive
attitude, and discretion.

Have you ever worked with any other girs at Girls From Paradise? If so
who, or who would you like to work with?
Not yet. I would like to work with all of them. I believe they are
truly amazing.
What are some of your favourite things? Books, singers, bands, movies,
artists, foods, drinks, etc:
I love Paulo Coelho books, drama movies, Japanese food. I enjoy a
glass of wine too.

Where’s the wildest place you’ve had sex? And/or, what would be the
wildest place you’d like to?
I get horny in photostudios…..and offices!!! Men in suite drive me crazy!!! LOL
I also love big mirrors in bedroom.

Say you had to wear one article of clothing that was made of food,
what would it be and what food would it be made of?

Dark chocolate…….all over!!! And a bath of Dom Perignon with purple


How do you want a client to feel after they’ve spent time with you?
In Love. xx

Do you think we’ll ever find intelligent life on other planets? If
so do you think that the alien society will have escorts?


Anything else you’d like to share?
I believe that women have to look like women and take the best care of
themselves. And to never deny their sexuality. xoxo